David’s family have been farming at ‘Belmont’ for over 100 years. David’s father was very forward thinking and at odds with the farming practices of his peers at the time he converted the farm to biodynamics in the early 80s. ‘Belmont’ is acclaimed as a showpiece of biodynamic farming in action as David and Andrew continue with the farming legacy of their father.

Owner David & Sharon McConnell; Andrew & Sally McConnell
Email dsbelmont@activ8.net.au
Telephone 03 5453 1115
Produce Biodynamic rice – long, medium and Japanese short grain (Koshihikari)Seasonal fruit – quinces & pomegranates (early autumn), lemonades (early winter), habanero chillies (end of summer)We also grow sheep for wool and some cereals.
Certification VFMA-accredited; Demeter certified biodynamic
Other markets Koondrook-Barham Farmers’ Market
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Our rice and sheep are grown and raised according to entrenched biodynamic principles. We work with the seasons with an emphasis on soil health. We believe in the integrity of growing chemical-free food with respect to the land on which we grow.

We farm within the Murray Valley and are influenced climatically and also by water availability. Rice is only grown in seasons when water is available.

For us the farmers’ market means a very real and valued connection with the customers who enjoy eating our product and respect the integrity of the growing process. Customers are genuinely interested in the growing process and are looking for a product that is not linked to chemical inputs.

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