We began breeding Boer goats in 2000. Breeding stock was sourced from Terraweena Boar Goat Stud in South Australia. Embryo programs soon became an integral part of our breeding program as we attempted to use only the best bloodlines in Australia. Success at local shows indicated the breeding plan was working. With the importation of new South African genetics, we decided to introduce the new genetics into our breeding stud. We now have several lines which have produced excellent breeding does, giving us show success both nationally and at a state level in 2005.

Owner Ian and Ruth Turpin
Email camboer@westnet.com.au
Website www.camboer.com/
Produce Goat meat: diced, shanks, roasts, smoked goat ham, smoked pickled back strap, smoked caprossi
Certification VFMA-accredited