~Region: Melbourne & surrounds

We’ve been on our farm in Werribee South since 1953. This farm – its our living, and the living for our four kids.We farm about 40-45 We grow lots of Mediterranean vegetables: broccoli, artichokes, kale, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, cauliflowers, chillies, lettuce, silverbeet, pumpkins … a bit of everything. We also grow some Sicilian things like sinipa, cardoons. Rita makes preserves and crumbed artichokes too.

Owner Tony & Rita Faranda
Telephone 9742 1730
Certification VFMA Accreditation
Other markets  Flemington, Veg Out (St Kilda), Collingwood Children’s Farm


The farmers’ markets really help us. When we sell to the wholesale market, its the middle man that makes the money.

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Our business grew out of a love for artisan products – and a distaste of over-sugared commercial tonic water!

We’re not reinventing the wheel, just reviving the way tonic water was originally made: a syrup that you dilute and adjust to taste, infused with cinchona bark– the natural source of quinine.  This is the defining ingredient of tonic water.

Using the bark imparts a uniquely bitter flavour and distinctive colour to our syrup, and it has been widely used for various medicinal/ health benefits. Made in Melbourne, other key ingredients are the local lemons, limes and oranges we buy from fellow stallholders such as Go Just Nuts, Storm Haven Limes and Howell Farm. If diluted at our recommended ratio, the resulting tonic water is around one third less sugar than mainstream commercial brands. Less sugar = less hangover!


We’ve always kept a garden at home for ourselves – in fact we moved from Essendon to Keilor in order to have more space for chickens and a larger garden. We started growing things that we missed from Italy when we first came to Australia, but now we like to try growing everything, to see whether it will produce for us. Growing food is natural for us; our families in Italy did it and we can really taste the difference between the food we grow and what you can buy. (more…)

The muesli is not toasted, has no added sugar, no syrups, no juice, no added fats, no preservatives – just raw and natural. Each ingredient is selected for the important role it plays in maintaining a healthy body & mind. Our Australian organic oats are sourced from the Limestone Coast. The husks are removed and the oats steamed to 97 degrees and rolled to 0.07mm. We use them fresh without long term storage. (more…)