~Region: Gippsland

In 1986 we bought our farm & moved a revegetation nursery with us to set up a demonstration tree farm to encourage farmers to grow trees on farms. We also sold all sorts of fruit bearing plants. From the powerhouse of the nursery, we established 20 acres of mixed fruit & nut orchards, along with extensive tree belts & woodlots.


We purchased the farm in 1976, inspired to do something on the land by Louis Bromfield’s book Malabar Farm. I was introduced to blueberry farming at a public meeting in Warragul hosted by the Department of Agriculture where the findings of an overseas research trip into the fruit’s potential in Australia were presented. In 1979 we obtained 600 of the first plants to be released to growers to Australia. (more…)

We are a family run artisan pasta business. We make everything by hand using traditional techniques and our Italian family’s recipes. This is how my family has been making pasta, lasagnes and pizzas for years. It’s a dying art that we want to preserve. (more…)

We raise rare breed pigs. The large herd consists of four different breeds, predominantly Large Blacks and Tamworths, with a small number of Wessex Saddlebacks and Berkshires. Preservation of the different pig breed genetics is the priority; the animals not suitable for breeding purposes are sold as free range pork. Animal welfare and sustainability are important to us and our customers. The pigs are farmed using a rotational free range system, allowing the animals to live in social groups and the land to rest between uses. Our pork products are processed as naturally as possible by using minimum levels of preservatives, natural sausage casings and flavourings made to our recipes. (more…)