I came to farming through a friend in Bathurst, Russell. I went to stay at his place for a while and got into growing rhubarb there. I grow naturally, allowing the rhubarb to grow at its own pace, taking care to not disturb worms where possible. I even let the mustard grass grow even though snakes like to hide in it, as it attracts the bees! Eating food as close to its natural state as possible is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, that’s why I grow the way I do. (more…)

After working as a cook for 20 years I started to make crumpets and sell them at farmers’ markets and to cafes. I love making them and getting them into peoples hands as quickly as possible after they are made. They are preservative free and don’t end up sitting around for weeks before they are sold. Folks seem to love the fact they are hand made, with no funny additives. I believe they have a better flavour than the normal crumpets. (more…)

We began breeding Boer goats in 2000. Breeding stock was sourced from Terraweena Boar Goat Stud in South Australia. Embryo programs soon became an integral part of our breeding program as we attempted to use only the best bloodlines in Australia. Success at local shows indicated the breeding plan was working. With the importation of new South African genetics, we decided to introduce the new genetics into our breeding stud. We now have several lines which have produced excellent breeding does, giving us show success both nationally and at a state level in 2005.


I took up farming in 2001 as a way to spend more time with my son. Having had several food-related businesses previously, a farm seemed like a good opportunity to combine self-employment with fatherhood and use my permaculture skills. I found the farm on a camping trip to Mildura; my family produced sultanas in the area in the early eighties so it seemed a natural step to go back to farming. My brothers work with me at the farmers’ markets. (more…)

My great, great-grandfather purchased the farm in the 1870s and our family has farmed it ever since that time. I grew up here, left in my youth and returned to the farm a few years back. The farm is in Wandin North, Yarra Valley, an area known for a climate and soil that is conducive to growing fruit and nuts. We concentrate on taste and quality above all else – if it’s not good eating, there’s no point. (more…)

We discovered the farm for sale in 2005 when on an Easter holiday in the Grampians. We’d been looking for a rural property that would suit our family with two young children since returning from working in South Africa for the previous five years. We thought perhaps a bed & breakfast might suit us – but ended up on a 300 acre olive grove instead! (more…)