~Region: Yarra Valley & Dandenongs

My great, great-grandfather purchased the farm in the 1870s and our family has farmed it ever since that time. I grew up here, left in my youth and returned to the farm a few years back. The farm is in Wandin North, Yarra Valley, an area known for a climate and soil that is conducive to growing fruit and nuts. We concentrate on taste and quality above all else – if it’s not good eating, there’s no point. (more…)

We grow Atlantic Salmon, Rainbow Trout and Brooke Trout, growing the fish as naturally as possible with as minimal impact on the surrounding riverine environment. We don’t use chemicals and we don’t overstock our farm, which is located at the foot of the Victorian Alps, which provide pristine water quality for our fish – cold and well oxygenated. (more…)