Schulz Organic Dairy

Schulz Organic Dairy

My grandfather, Hermann Schulz founded the first organic farmhouse cheesery in Australia and my father Michael is a dairy farmer. I was born into organic farming – it is all I know. We are one of the (if not) the first organic dairy farms in Australia. After high school, I worked in the cheese factory to save for an overseas trip which led to an interest in cheesemaking. After working in various cheeseries around Victoria, and experimenting alongside my grandfather with milk cream and cheese, the idea was born to restart the family cheesery. By the time I was 21 I had my own factory on my parents’ farm.

Owner Simon Schulz
Telephone 03 5598 3803
Produce Dairy: milk, cream, yogurt, quark, natural whey, feta January – December
Certification VFMA accredited; ACO certified organic, DFSV registered
Other markets Veg Out (St Kilda); Gasworks; Collingwood Childrens’ Farm; Corangamite progressive FM


Farming organically makes the world of difference. The intention is to have healthy cows – that means good feed, good rainfall, good cleaning practices on the farm and in the factory, we don’t push the cows or stress them out. Our milk has a fresh, grassy flavour and it’s slightly sweet because of the types of cows we have and the grasses they’re eating. We also believe in a simple, traditional approach in the factory and don’t homogenise our milk, believing that it not only tastes better but is also better for you.

Our farm in Timboon is in a band of very lush land which receives some of the highest reliable rainfall in Victoria. Since the 1970’s we have used biodynamic and organic principles to enhance the vitality of the soil, grasses and animals. We strive to have a self sufficient system that builds and sustains soil fertility through crop rotation and farm composts. We use no chemicals, hormones, herbicides or pesticides on the farm.

Farmers’ markets have been instrumental in growing the business. We have never advertised – only through word of mouth have we grown to our current level. Farmers’ markets also give me the best market feedback a business can have, direct! I have changed and developed my products simply due to the knowledge I receive from the markets. They are also a great social outlet and fantastic fun.

Market Details

8AM – 1PM, fourth Sat of each month

Parking available. 

63 The Avenue, Spotswood-Kingsville RSL

Entry By donation

We’re plastic bag free, so please BYO.
Well-behaved dogs (and cats) on leads welcome.

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