Grains & Pulses

David’s family have been farming at ‘Belmont’ for over 100 years. David’s father was very forward thinking and at odds with the farming practices of his peers at the time he converted the farm to biodynamics in the early 80s. ‘Belmont’ is acclaimed as a showpiece of biodynamic farming in action as David and Andrew continue with the farming legacy of their father.


I took up farming in 2001 as a way to spend more time with my son. Having had several food-related businesses previously, a farm seemed like a good opportunity to combine self-employment with fatherhood and use my permaculture skills. I found the farm on a camping trip to Mildura; my family produced sultanas in the area in the early eighties so it seemed a natural step to go back to farming. My brothers work with me at the farmers’ markets. (more…)

The muesli is not toasted, has no added sugar, no syrups, no juice, no added fats, no preservatives – just raw and natural. Each ingredient is selected for the important role it plays in maintaining a healthy body & mind. Our Australian organic oats are sourced from the Limestone Coast. The husks are removed and the oats steamed to 97 degrees and rolled to 0.07mm. We use them fresh without long term storage. (more…)