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We began the Bundarra Farm in 2009, with pig production kicking off in 2011. We now produce fresh free range pork cuts (nose-to-tail); nitrate free smoked and fresh small goods including ham, bacon and air-dried European salumi; as well as French charcuterie.

Lauren is a 6th generation farmer and committed to true free range practices. Our farm is based on ethical, low stress animal management. Pigs are given the space and environment they require in a natural environment. Growing pigs this way is the backbone of our business. It ensures the highest quality meat and is the only way we foresee a future for sustainable animal consumption.

Owner Lauren and Lachlan Mathers
Telephone 03 5453 2392
Certification VFMA Accreditation, bio-dynamic (in conversion),
Other markets  Castlemaine, Swan Hill, Fairfield and Koondrook
Awards Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2012 Champion Pork Product, Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2014 Gold Medal for Little Smoked Ham and Silver Medal for Smoked Bacon, Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards 2015 Silver Medal for Lonza. Delicious. Produce Awards Finalist 2012, 2014, 2015. Named in top 5 of 2015 Top 30 Australian Producers. (Fairfax accolade)
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We are located in a dry, temperate to Mediterranean climate on the Murray River. We have very hot summers and very cold winters with severe frosts. Our farm is mostly dryland farming so we manage our on-ground feed according to the seasons. In summer we usually have no green pasture unless there are freak summer rains. Our pigs are a true example of the effect of terroir. We think the sweetness of the meat  is influenced by their meat-free diets and exposure to heavy clay loam soils high in natural minerals. We do not overstock our paddocks and manage our growth according to demand and the environment.

The farmers markets are the best platform for consumers to connect with farmers they can trust, who take extra care with their animals and produce to ensure ethical food choices can be made. It is also a direct way to support farming families like ours, by produce receiving the price that it is truly valued at.

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We began breeding Boer goats in 2000. Breeding stock was sourced from Terraweena Boar Goat Stud in South Australia. Embryo programs soon became an integral part of our breeding program as we attempted to use only the best bloodlines in Australia. Success at local shows indicated the breeding plan was working. With the importation of new South African genetics, we decided to introduce the new genetics into our breeding stud. We now have several lines which have produced excellent breeding does, giving us show success both nationally and at a state level in 2005.


In 1999 we decided to turn a small (80 acre) farm into a self sustaining enterprise, so had to select an industry that presented the opportunity on a restricted operational area. Milawa Free Range is a compromise between respect for the natural instincts of the chicken, the need for protection from natural predators, the local environmental seasons and conditions, and our own commercial viability. We produce chickens like they used to taste! (more…)

We raise rare breed pigs. The large herd consists of four different breeds, predominantly Large Blacks and Tamworths, with a small number of Wessex Saddlebacks and Berkshires. Preservation of the different pig breed genetics is the priority; the animals not suitable for breeding purposes are sold as free range pork. Animal welfare and sustainability are important to us and our customers. The pigs are farmed using a rotational free range system, allowing the animals to live in social groups and the land to rest between uses. Our pork products are processed as naturally as possible by using minimum levels of preservatives, natural sausage casings and flavourings made to our recipes. (more…)

We grow Atlantic Salmon, Rainbow Trout and Brooke Trout, growing the fish as naturally as possible with as minimal impact on the surrounding riverine environment. We don’t use chemicals and we don’t overstock our farm, which is located at the foot of the Victorian Alps, which provide pristine water quality for our fish – cold and well oxygenated. (more…)