COVID 19 Protocols

During COVID-19 Pandemic

Please read carefully.

Your strict compliance with the following procedures will ensure our resilient market community safely navigates these trying times, and that we can stay open.

If anyone is found to be noncompliant with these policies, they will be asked to leave the market.


If you have any of the COVID-19 symptoms or feel unwell, or if you have been in contact with anyone who is unwell in any way, please stay home, self-isolate and contact your primary health caregiver i.e. General Practitioner or the Government’s 24-hour health direct advice line 1800022222


1) Please use your home toilet. Wash & sanitise hands before attending and when you get home. Market toilets available for stallholders & emergency use with frequent cleaning

2) Bring your own hand sanitiser. Frequent washing & sanitising of hands before arrival, between stalls & after leaving market recommended

3) Send ONE person per household. Leave pets & kids at home

4) Practice social distancing (1.5m+) at all times. Areas will be marked up

5) Donations at entry via EFTPOS

6) All stalls have their own handwashing equipment and hand sanitiser

7) Form a single file at a stall respecting social distance of 1.5m and wait in line to be served, one at a time

8) Please do not touch any of the products or produce. Stallholders will hand purchases to you. Do not give reusable bags to stallholders

9) No sampling permitted. No eating on site- take home only

10) If you cough or sneeze, please do it into your elbow, not on any of the products or produce. Stallholders are encouraged to have sneeze guards

11) Use your card where possible. Hover, don’t tap

12) If cash is to be used, stallholders have separate soapy water containers for cleaning incoming & outgoing cash

13) No cash ATM available

14) No touch handwashing station available to be used one person at a time

15) Please do not touch your face or anyone else’s

16) No DIY wash up station or reusable cups/cutlery/keep cups etc

17) Shop and go home. Do not congregate

18) Pre-order from your favourite stallholders for easy pick up on market day

Stay calm, respect each other, be patient and remember there is more than enough food for everyone.

We ask our shoppers to please respect these policies. We will have signs to remind you and volunteers present to assist you.

We would like to thank all of you for your loyal support. See you at the market.

At your service,
The Slow Food Melbourne Committee